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Hi I’m Iyana! I’m a 22 year old journalism graduate and full time blogger raised in the largest & most diverse city on Earth , Houston! I love eating, I love a working out, & I love a good Netflix marathon, who doesn’t!?  I’m not like most fitness bloggers who dedicate ALL of their time to working out, ugh I can’t do it. I understand the bodies wants and needs, and sometimes this girl needs ice cream and sometimes I need a juice cleanse. This blog is for us REAL young women who really want to feel and look good, while maintaining  our budgets and time. Overall I love feeling good and fully enjoying life, and hope to help my readers feel good too!

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Lola George is an AFAA certified personal trainer. In addition to training, Lola is a journalism major and kinesiology minor at the University of North Texas. Lola is also a fitness writer aspires to write for a large health publication. In her free time, she enjoys writing, using social media, working out, and taking selfies. She considers herself the girl who puts it “IT” in fitness.


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