My Fitness Journey: Brittany Johnson

Guest Blogger Post: Brittany Johnson

Who wants to get in the best shape of their life? Well I certainly did, for the longest I wanted to drop my excess  weight and feel more comfortable in my own skin. Like most of the women I help, who I like to refer to as queens, I I thought I knew everything there was about losing weight. WRONG!

I just thought that small portions , drinking water, and running on the treadmill for 20 minuets a few times a week would do the trick. Can you guess where this is going…I was wrong again. It’s crazy when it comes to eating healthy and getting fit, we tend to over complicate things and actually cause ourselves to sometime gain weight.

For me it was pretty hard making that lifestyle change so I could make real progress. I mean, I’m a southern girl with family from Louisiana. Raised on good ole’ soul food and occasionally fast food. One day after looking at my senior school picture I realized was like its definitely time to make a change, not just for physical reasons but for my overall health.

After I was determined to get the body and the confidence  I desired and deserved. I stopped eating processed foods all together and limited myself on how much I ate out during the week along with drinking a lot of water and consistent and targeted exercise. I was so excited when I lost my first 15 lbs.

Shortly after starting my journey I found that I absolutely love fruit I can eat it all day and be as happy as a kid in the candy store. Unfortunately as fast as I lost that 15 I gained it right back as soon as I moved back home to Dallas due to life’s roller coaster and dealing with a break up, but that’s another story. So here I am young barely 20 years old, single, and 15 lbs heavier. I looked myself in the mirror and told myself that I was getting back my mojo back and ready to re-focus on taking care of my health.

Let’s be honest if you don’t take care of your health no one else will.

Once I got started again I realized I wasn’t getting the result that I was looking for and believed I had hit a rut in my weight loss journey. A few years later I met Jeremey and we started dating few weeks later. He came to me with a crazy idea about doing Herbalife. I  heard about the Herbalife program before but I didn’t actually believe that it worked so I wasn’t going to waste my time.

However, after a while I noticed that he started to lose a significant amount weight so I finally gave in and he gave me a 3 day trial pack to begin with. My instructions were to have 2 shakes and 2 tabs for the next three days on day three we will compare the results from start to finish. The next day instead of me drinking normal cup of warm tea I opened up a shake pack, added water, shook it up…this shake was amazing! There wasn’t a bad after taste and  it filled me up and the energy it gave me was incredible.

By day 3 I was excited because I lost 2 lbs and was ready to get started on my nutrition program. Not only did I sign up as a client I became a coach that same day as well. I was excited to share my story with others that were dealing with the same problems and desired the same results as me.

Myself and my fellow fabulous coaches are taking Dallas by storm. This movement is about King (men) and Queens (women) coming together and getting empowered. This 12 week challenge gives each King and Queen the opportunity to transform their mind, body, and spirit according to their personal goals. At the end of the challenge we will host  a free fashion show and photo shoot to celebrate the completion of the challenge as well as the goals met along the way

Now a year later since I started my Herbalife journey I’m happy to say that  I have lost 20 lbs of body fat, gained 5lbs of muscle, and my energy is better than ever. Everyday I am super grateful for the opportunity that I was given that I now share with the beautiful Queens of #TheKingdomFitMovement.