Keeping Your Vagina Happy Plus Healthy

Guest post by fashion & lifestyle blogger Nicolette Nichelle.

At a young age talking about my vagina was weird and embarrassing. Yes, all my friends had one, but it was strange. Asking my 11-year-old best friend why mine was making strange noises when we played volleyball was something I was too shy to ask.

Having a vagina is hard. We have to make sure we eat right so we can smell (and taste) right, not wear the sexy tight fitted pants because we can get an infection and even figure out ways keep her hydrated. It’s kinda crazy. Nothing can make a woman more insecure than not knowing exactly what is going on with her body. Luckily,

Luckily, Google has all the questions we’re all too often embarrassed to ask. With my experience and researching aka Google, a majority of those questions have been answered.  Keeping my girl fresh happy and healthy is a part of my daily routine. Check out a few of my tips on how I keep my vagina happy plus healthy.  


Diced Pineapples.

Back in 2014 Rick Ross had every girl eating pineapples to taste and smell like a fruit below the waist. So, does eating fruit have an effect on your lady parts? Though there’s no scientific proof, I know 99.9% when I eat fruits such as pineapples and berries, my girl has a much more pleasant and healthier smell (and taste). How do I know? We will talk labout that ater. For an even sweeter taste consume strawberries, pineapples, and blueberries 6 days out of the week. Try adding fruits to your water for a detox, trust me you’ll notice a difference. I’ve researched online and even countless polls with my girls just to prove my friendly debate right. What you consume in your daily diet plays a huge part of your vaginas life down below. Besides fruit, make cranberry juice and yogurt apart of your diet to help keep your PH levels in order.

Let “Her” Breathe.

Your girl needs a break from the tight boy shorts and the sexy thongs every once in a while. I’m definitely a proud member of the #nopantygang, I rarely wear underwear if it’s not necessary. Join the #nopantygang at bedtime – if you’re not comfortable going commando during the day. It’s relaxing for her and reduces the risk from infections when wearing tight clothing all day.  She needs fresh air! Besides if you don’t wear panties, they’ll never get in a bunch. Haha. I borrowed that joke from Samantha on Sex in the City.

Bye Bye Summer Eve.

Feminine Hygiene products must GO. I remember losing my virginity and that night going into my local drug store and stocking up on Summer’s Eve douches, wipes, and cleansing wash. The biggest mistake ever! The vagina an actually naturally clean itself. We don’t need the extra flower bomb smell, products like Summer’s Eve kill the healthy bacteria and throw off your PH levels. Dr. Bronners is one of the best soaps for you, their liquid and bar soap is bomb – try them out. Remember, no wash cloths on her – massage the soap on her and no products or soap inside the vagina.

Work Her Out.

Yes, your vagina needs exercise too. Start with kegels. All you have to do is squeeze your pelvic muscles together, the same feeling you get when you’re waiting in line for the bathroom trying to hold it for dear life. Go for at least 10 sets of 25 a day. You can do these anywhere are well so there’s no excuse not to do them. Besides improving your sexual response, benefits from kegels help with the overall health of vagina. Cardio is also necessary. Ever noticed after you work out you are more “moisturized” than normal. This is normal just be sure change your underwear after working out. If there’s no foul odor or abnormal discharge be grateful for the moisture.


Keeping your lady parts in check is necessary. Build a relationship with your vagina. Figuring out what does and doesn’t work for your vagina is tricky. Don’t compare her, all of our vaginas are different and beautiful. What works for someone else’s girl may not work for you – so don’t get discouraged. Love and protect your vagina because pussy is power.

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