Fit Chick Spotlight: Brittany Johnson

For the longest time I have wanted to include interviews on FitChicks. Overall, I want readers to put living a “healthy lifestyle” into perspective. Anyone can decide to be healthy at any time they want, it’s never too late and it’s not as difficult as it seems! There are so many bad ass women out there changing their health, physically and mentally, but I thought I would start with a friend of mine who not only runs her own fitness business but has lost tons of weight while doing it.

Brittany Johnson, who now lives in Dallas, has been an Herbalife coach for the past year. Herbalife is fitness program and community dedicated to connecting coaches with resources to help clients lose weight.If you haven’t heard of it you’re probably living under a rock.

Johnson doesn’t plan on slowing down her fitness and wellness journey any time soon. Check out her interview to see how she stays motivated through it all.



FitChicks: When did your start your fitness journey and why?

Johnson: I started my journey around last June I started because I was ready to get fit and become more comfortable with myself again. Getting the body I desired was something I always wanted

FitChicks:Whenever you’re feeling tired or not motivated how do you continue your progress?

Johnson: I do a lot of personal development I know that sometimes the journey can be hard and it can be a lot of work but its all about your mindset. I like listening to videos of motivational speakers such as Jim Rohn, Mark Hughes and ET the hip hop preacher. Anything that gives you that positive outlook on the day can change how you really look at life.

FitChicks:Do you feel like fitness and mental wellness are tied together, if so why?

Johnson: Yes, because when getting into fitness your mindset or mental health does take a role when it comes to fitness. When you have a healthy mind its easier to achieve and doesnt take a tole on you as much. For as when you’re not in healthy mind set little things like not seeing quick results, comparison to others, and self doubt can really get in the way of your goals which in some cases can cause depression

FitChicks: Can you describe your experience working with Herbalife and how has it helped your fitness screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-7-09-34-pmjourney?

Johnson: I wouldn’t say that I’m working for Herbalife but that I was blessed to hear about a opportunity from a company that has been changing so many peoples lives and giving them second chances to live their dream its just beautiful. What really helped me stay to my fitness journey was not only were the products AMAZING, tasted great, and saw good results. I really love the loving and positive community of people that are willing to open their arms to you like family and to push and keep each other motivate no matter how big the goal is. That is why I love this company its all about love, positivity and hard work.

FitChicks: What advice would you give to someone that wants to start living well but just doesn’t know where to start?

Johnson: It all starts with how bad do you want it! what would living that lifestyle mean to you ! and what are you willing to do to get there! Every year someones “resolution” is to get healthy and workout more so that is why gyms are so crowded at the beginning of the year. My advice to anyone that is wanting to live a healthier active lifestyle is to take the first step towards change and dont get discouraged when you dont see results so quickly remember Rome wasnt built in a day , you should enjoy and trust the process.

FitChicks: What does being a “fit chick” mean to you?

Johnson: What that means to me is a woman that is really living that positive and healthy lifestyle. She goes for what she wants and is not afraid to do it alone. She is determined, strong minded, and a BEAST

FitChicks: What is your go to pre workout and post workout meal?

Johnson: My go to pre workout would be my Herbalife Pralines & Cream shake with Prolessa Duo and CR-7my post workout meal would be my Herbalife Rebuild Strength with satueed veggies and 2 fried eggs

FitChicks: What is your favorite type of workout and why? (cardio, leg day, ect.)

Johnson: Thats kind of hard I would have to say my favorite workout is leg/butt day because I have always wanted a pretty booty as I like to call it and honestly not having it was one of my insecurities so by taking the fuel from that I was determined to get that pretty booty

FitChicks: What advice do you wish you could have given to yourself and your body a year ago?

Johnson: One thing that I would have told myself a year ago is to jump and have faith in the journey because in the end it’s going to pay off and you will be happier that you were when you first started. It’s not going to be easy or otherwise everyone would do it and it all starts with that mindset
Q10: Anything else you want to share or plug

screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-7-09-18-pmFitChicks: Anything else you want to share or plug

Johnson: You can do anything in life you want as long as you put your mind to it. like Denzel Washington said “,Dreams without goals with remain dreams and eventually fuel disappointment. Goals on the road to Achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency”


To connect with Brittany you can visit her Herbalife profile and Facebook page. Hopefully this interview has inspired you to start you “fit chicks” journey or continue it.