Current Workout Playlist + Life Updates (Jan. 2017)

I have plenty of other actual fitness/wellness post I could write this week, however I want to take a break from that and connect with you guys as well. This blog went from a way to track my own fitness journey to an entire brand, and for lack of a better term, sometime I get “lost in the sauce”. Managing this site, all its social media, and keeping up with emails is a lot of work, but I still really enjoy every part of running FitChicksTX because it’s become a community.

Whenever there is a new subscribers, comment, or question I remember why I do this, no matter how exhausted I am. Fitness is about so much more than being physically well. Fitness affects all aspects of life, when you feel good you do good.

This year I’m very committed to becoming the best version of myself a little bit more everyday. Whether I answer some emails or drink more water, any effort I put towards making healthier or more productive I’m proud. You can visit my sister site TwentiesInTX to see my 2017 plans and goals.

Thus far here where this year has brought me in my goals.


Career: After getting fired from my last job about 2 months ago I’ve been really focused on growing my blogs and brands sooner than later. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the time to dedicate to doing so. Now that I have the time I’ve been investing in myself and my ideas a little bit every day.

Money: However I will say investing is super expensive. What I didn’t know about really working for myself is that it cost a lot of money. I’ve had to spend quite a bit of money to make money but in the end it will all be worth it.

Fitness & Health: One of my NYE goals is to spend more time doing this I love, one of those things being yoga. I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 4 years now but have never really committed. I found this great app, Asana Rebel so I can access great yoga lessons at any time straight from my phone. I’m still in Texas for the holidays so I’ve been eating on the heavier side, but maintain a balance with lots of water, tea, and leafy greens.

Dating: I have done a lot of dating. Nothing I am embarrassed about at all, but I am tired and ready to take a break from it for awhile.

Random: I already know I’m going to cry when the Obama family officially leaves the White House. Don’t go Barry!


Current Workout Playlist: Last time I created a playlist I did it via Spotify. However for those that may not have access to Spotify I decided to use my personal Soundcloud account this time. There is so much good music on Soundcloud of up and coming artist. Enjoy!