6 Fitness Apps That Will Help You Reach Your New Years Resolution

I’m sure I am not the only one who made some fitness related New Years resolutions. Whether you want to start your fitness journey or continue it, it is never to late to decide to feel your best. And remember do it for YOU, no one else.

There are several ways to starts the “new year, new me”. You could join a gym, take a class, or workout at home. However right now gyms are super crowded because of the “weight loss rush” and fitness classes prices are not cheap. Working out at home is effective but sometimes you lose motivation. So what’s another option? Fitness apps!

I love fitness apps because they’re are either free or a small payment. Also the programing usually is really good at tracking and motivating you to workout consistently.

We are clearly in a digital age and health is not exception. If anything it makes staying on track easier. We all have our phones in our hands 90% of the time anyway so why not use it to help get healthy? Here are some of my top recommendations for great fitness apps to help you reach those 2017 fitness goals.


1. Asana Rebel 

Image Credit: Instagram.com/asanarebel

Image Credit: Instagram.com/asanarebel

If you’ve ever been curious about yoga Asana Rebel is a great choice for you. It features so many levels of yoga from a beginner 5-minute detox yoga class, a 18-minute full body strength class, and 8 week fat burn yoga program, and more . It also informs you how many calories you burn after each class. This app is free to download and has a handful of classes for free, however if you want to upgrade it’s only $3.33/month for 12 months. The instructor goes at a great pace so you no longer have to feel intimidated by practicing yoga.

2. Nike + Run Club

This is a no brainer, Nike + Run Club is a the go to app if you want to get your miles up. It’s basically a running partner and data tracker all in one place. One of the really great features I love about this app is the celebrity motivation when you hit a new milestone. Everyday I run a bit farther or faster at the end of the run Kevin Hart or Usain Bolt will pop in my headphones and tell me how great I’m doing. How cool is that!?

3. 8Fit

Do you wish you can afford a gym, a trainer, and a meal plan? Well you can with the 8Fit app. It’s affordable because you can choose the plan that work best for you. You can choose just a trainer or a trainer and a meal plan, and the plans range from $29.99 to $59.99 But you can download the app for free and try some of their free workouts to make sure you like what you’re buying. Thanks 8fit!

4. Blogilates

Image Credit: TheSkinnyConfidential.com

Image Credit: TheSkinnyConfidential.com

If you haven’t heard of Cassey Ho and her Blogilates app, where have you been!? Cassey started her company on YouTube and it has grown into a such a big community that supports each others fitness journey. Every month the app releases a new monthly workout program that Cassey designs herself. It comes with a calendar for tracking your progress and videos workouts for only 99 cents a month.

5. Sworkit

If you’re someone that doesn’t have much time to workout and doesn’t have the patience to watch a video, Sworkit is perfect for you. You can access and use the app from your phone, computer, and now you’re Apple watch as well. Sworkit allows you to super customize your workout by choosing the amount of time you want and what parts of your body you want to target that day. There’s a free version and paid version that lets you access more workouts. I have the paid version of this app and it’s definitely worth it.

6. PopSugar Active 

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentions PopSugar Fitness on this blog, and I talk about it so much because it’s workout that don’t feel like workouts. They are fun, easy to follow, and burn major calories without feeling like you’re dying of sweat. PopSugar Active it their fitness program right in the palm of your hand. They add new workouts every week as well. And if you really want to step your game up there’s also PopSugar Healthy Living that helps you create a delicious meal plan for all types of dietary needs.

With all these digital resources getting fit is easier now more than ever. You no longer have to have a lot of dough or a lot of time to lose weight. Just stay committed, consisted, and download an app that works best for you. Let us know which one you decide to try on the comments below.

Happy New Year FitChicks!