How To Stay Fit During A Vegas Vacation


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The first time I went to Vegas I spent the weeks before working out more than usual. Most people want their body to be more in shape for a vacation, especially a Vegas one. However anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas knows the very last thing you’re thinking about it working out and eating clean.

With so many highly rated bars, restaurants, and buffets Vegas is where diets pretty much go to die. Temptation is all around you on during a vacation and it’s difficult to stay disciplined.

There are of course also a ton of great casinos, attractions, and shows that you should enjoy as well. It’s not healthy to spend your vacation consumed by what your body looks like either.

There is a way to find a balance between fun and fit while still enjoying everything Las Vegas has to offer. Here a few ways to burn calories and eat healthy without even really thinking about.

  • Walk instead of taking a cab. – Vegas is the perfect city to walk through. The strip has hotels, casinos, and restaurants all right beside each other. Yes you could take an Uber, but why not actually enjoy the views of the beautiful city? And if you’re not a fan of the strip, walk through Freemont Street .
  • Substitute healthier foods when you can. – Okay, this can be a bit tricky but it’s possible. There are endless amounts of food all over this city, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Use the buffets and upscale dining to your advantage. Substitute grains with vegetables, and deserts with fruit. If a restaurant or buffet doesn’t have what you’re looking for they usually have no problem making it. Find the Vegas dining option that’s best for your nutritional needs.
  • Drink TONS of water. – I went to Vegas in the middle of June and the heat was no joke. Don’t forget Vegas is a desert so you must stay hydrated. Drink enough water so you stay healthy and hydrated all throughout your trip.
  • Swim in the pool, don’t just lounge by it. – Vegas hotels have some pretty insanely amazing pools. Yes, lounging by the pool is preferred but go in and get a few laps in to make that lounge worth it.
  • Dance till you can’t dance no more! Las Vegas nightlight is unlike any other city’s night life. The decor, the crowd, the music, the entire thing will have you energized and ready to party! Dancing can burn up to 500 per hour and provide cardiovascular conditioning, and help you manage your weight, according to Livestrong. And I’m sure if you’re dancing in a hot club in heels you’ll definitely burn some extra calories.
  • Take a fun and active class. – If you’re looking for something to do while waiting to go out to the club or don’t want to be outside in the heat all day, a class is a great idea. Sign up for a pole dancing class (pole dancing burns major calories) or an indoor sky diving class. Both of these require a lot of movement, muscle control, and upper body strength. Have fun and lose weight in one single setting.

If you have any creative or fun ways to stay healthy during a Vegas vacation let us know in the comments. Remember don’t forget to actually enjoy the vacation. To find more fun Vegas actives and attractions visit, they offer all the information and some amazing deals, so you’ll have the best possible time in sin city.