Ortte 28 Day Detox Skinny Tea Review

Image Credit: Ortte Instagram

Image Credit: Ortte Instagram

At some point we all need a little detox. Whether you choose to detox physically or mentally, cleansing and renewing your body is such a satisfying feeling. One of my personal favorite methods of physically renewing myself is through detox drinks.

There are many different ways to drink a detox. You can have a smoothie, pressed juice, shots (the green kind), and of course detox teas. A detox tea is one of the more extreme levels of detoxing because it usually has to be done for a specific amount of time and sometimes has some uncomfortable side effects. Thus why choosing the right tea can be tricky because there are so many choice out there.

Ortte is a great international brand that not only has effective detox teas but also skin care products. They were so kind and sent me their combo pack, which includes the 28 Day Skinny Tea for weight loss and the 28 Detox Tea for colon cleansing.

Image Credit: Ortte.com

Image Credit: Ortte.com

“The Örtte Tea Combo Pack offers an intensive combined detox and slimming regime. These teas have naturally detoxifying properties that can effectively aid with raising the metabolic rate, encouraging weight loss and flushing toxins from the body,” according to their site.

You can use these all at once if you would like, but I choose to just use the weight loss tea and gave the intense colon cleanse to a friend so that is the one that I will be reviewing.

I’m a little more than halfway through the tea now and have noticed have changes. After drinking the morning skinny tea I feel quite energized and it actually does suppress my appetite, as it claims. It doesn’t cause any uncomfortable symptoms, such as gas or stomach aches, so it’s safe to drink before school or work.

The evening tea however is bit more harsh (for lack of a better term) on the digestive system because it’s purpose is to flush all the toxins from the day out. I usually drink right before you go to bed before so it can work through my body while I am sleeping.

I have also noticed while drinking these my skin has also improved. My skin is more even in tone and even a bit “glow-y”. Overall the Ortte tea definitely did detox my system. I didn’t see any major weight loss but I did feel less a lot bloated after a meal.  I also didn’t see much weight gain either, which is always a plus.

If you’re not a fan of tea they also have a 28 day Skinny Coffee. Lucky for our readers we do have a referral code (hooray!). Click the Orttee Tea ad in the side bar or visit exclusive link here.

Rating: 8.5 out 10