How to Stay Healthy During The Holidays

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Everyone gains weight during the holiday season. It’s undeniable but it’s not completely unavoidable. I know it maybe seem like you gained a trillion pounds whenever you eat all that turkey and apple pie, however it’s not as much as you think.

“The average person gains 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And in surveys, people say they gain, on average, about five pounds this time of year. But several studies now show that the average weight gain during the winter holidays is just one pound,” according to the New York Times wellness blog.

Therefore there’s no need to completely avoid eating your favorite holiday treats or workout so much you don’t get to enjoy time with your family.  There are ways to decrease your holiday weight gain before it even happens.

Here are some ways to stay fit and healthy during the holiday season.

Burn calories while you shop. – We all do a lot of shopping during the holiday season, so why not amp it up and burn calories while you shop? Walking around a store or mall at about 2 mph burns around 200 calories per hour, according tot he University of Hawaii Nutrition website. However if you walk faster, or add extra weight or distance to your shopping trip you can burn even more calories. You can do this by wearing ankle weights, parking farther from your location, talking the stairs (instead of the escalator), or just by carrying a bunch of shopping bags. Keep off the holiday weight and buy Christmas gifts all at the same time.

Watch what you drink. – Drinks have calories too, a lot of them. Several glasses of champagne, cider, hot cocoa, and egg now can and will catch up with you. You can still enjoy these drink throughout the holiday season but for every glass of champagne or nog you have, counteract it with a cup of water or green tea. Therefore you aren’t wasting calories on drinks or consuming too many fatty liquids.

Stay warm. – Keeping your body warm actually helps your burn calories and boost your metabolism. It tricks it into thinking it’s moving even when it’s not. So go ahead nad take out the heating blanket and cuddle up in front of that fire.

Take a class. – So you won’t be stuck in the gym when you rather be spending time with your friends and family, sign up for a class all of you can enjoy. Want to laugh with your girlfriends? Take a aerial yoga or a pole dancing class. These are fun but also require a lot of strength. Want to bond with your mom? Sign up for a spin or dance class. Check out site like Eventbrite and Groupe to find classes and group exercises packages.

Detox a few days a week. – Check out our previous post about detoxing to find a few easy ways to cleanse before an after a big meal.

Say NO to seconds and thirds. – I know it’s hard. That second piece of pie couldn’t hurt right? Actually it can. Portioning is everything, even when it’s not the holidays. Resist temptation and portion everything out accordingly. Your summer body will thank you.

There are many ways to stay fit during the holidays, but there are just some that I have done over the years and know that actually work. Let us know in the comments some of your tips!