October Skin Care Favorites


My skin is literally glowing. I mean it’s mostly because I decided to be a glitter alien for Halloween and still have specks of glitter around my face and neck. Previously pouring glitter on my face would have a huge problem for my sensitive skin, but surprisingly I didn’t break into a major breakout. I definitely think it’s because of the products that I’ve been using for the past month.

I am a skin care junkie. If it smells good or make my skin feel like butter I want it. Now that I am out of college, I’ve learned sometimes it’s best to just go ahead and buy the more expensive product because it’s a “skin-vestment”. However nothing that I’m featuring this month is over $20.00 (woohoo!).

See what has kept my skin so fresh and so clean (clean) below.

Pacifica Instant Karma Cleansing Oil ($16.00) 

I mentioned this the September skin care faves, and I’m still loving it. This has definitely become part of my everyday routine. Just a couple drops of this oil melts away all oil and dirt and makes the rest of my routine a lot easier. This is also great after going out and your too lazy to take off all your makeup, this basically does it for you!

Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask ($3.99) 

This product has been featured quiet a few times. I typically use it after using the cleansing oil to scrub off any excess dirt or dead skin from the day. Every time I rise it off my face feels like it can breath again.

Freeman Apple Cinder Vinegar 4-In-1 Foaming Clay ($6.99)

Freeman Beauty should really just sponsor us, that how much I love their products. This product is amazinggggg. Apple cinder vinegar is known for it’s skin benefits and putting into this 4 in 1 formula was genius Let it sit on dry skin and becomes a pimple killing clay mask, scrub it onto wet skin and it becomes an exfoliator/face wash, let it sit on wet skin and it becomes a foam. What!? Buy it right now, you’ll thank me later.

Soap & Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel ($10.00) 

I never mention body washes or shower gels because I’m a Dove bar soap kind of girl, but after seeing so many people raving about this I had to see what all the hype was about it. It’s no hype, this shower gel smells beyond incredible. It’s kind of difficult to describe the smell but I promise you it’s one of the most amazing smelling shower gel I have ever used in my life.

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter ($15.00) 

And just when I thought the shower gel couldn’t get any better, when combined with the body butter, oh boy! When rubbing this into my skin with damp skin it just melted and this also smells in-describable.

Harper + Lee Coffee Scrub ($5.99) 

This was one of those items that you see in the check out line at T.J. Maxx and grab it because why not. I’ve been interested in trying a coffee scrub for a while and although I haven’t tried previous ones this one smells SO good and I’ve already noticed a different in my skin tone and texture. For some reason I couldn’t find a link anywhere to this club however I can shamelessly plug my own coffee scrub right here 🙂