5 Self Improvement Books You Should Read Right NOW

Image Credit: Timeshighereducation.com

Image Credit: Timeshighereducation.com

If you want to learn something the best way do so is to read about it. Yes, you can also search the internet and do some quick skimming however you won’t really take in the information as much as you could with a good old fashioned book.

I have always loved reading  but recently have had an obsession with non-fiction self improvement novels, especially by female writers.

No matter where you are in life, we can use a little improvement. And getting some advice and outside perspective from someone who you completely don’t know is actually pretty helpful. Most of the authors mentioned below went through a lot, but overcame and shared their story to help other people.

I highly suggest all of these self improvement books (I’ve read all of them) if you’re interested and learning more about yourself and looking for a really good read.

“You Are a Bad Ass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero 

This has become one of my all time favorite books. I’ve literally read it 4 times and every time I find some new information or tool. Jen Sincero is the life coach you never knew you needed. She’s incredibly honest and implements self improvement tools that are easy for everyone to follow and understand. Sincero covers every thing from fear to finance. And at the end of every chapter she kindly reminds you to love yourself above everything else.

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

Owner, founder, and CEO of major clothing company Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso spills all the dirt on how she got there. Although she makes millions now, her life hasn’t always been that way and she has no problem admitting it. Amorous shares here journey of selling vintage clothing  on eBay to pay to her rent, to having her own store front and company. She also shares some really great career and entrepreneurial advice that you’ll defiantly want to write down.

“Rich Bitch: A Simple 12 Step Plan for Getting Your Finacial Life Together Finally!” by Nicole Lapin

If you’re also a twenty something trying to make it like me than you more than likely don’t have a lot of money and don’t know how to manage it. Nicole Lapin is a financial expert and a woman who knows how women to make, save, and spend money wisely. Therefore she is the perfect guide and teacher for all us twenty something women. She breaks it all down into a way that anyone can understand. No matter how much you make, her tips and tricks are completely do-able and actually work.

“If Someone Says You Complete Me Run” by Whoopi Goldberg 

While reading this book the whole time I thought ,”Wow Whoopi Goldberg actually is a relationship guru-goddess”. She is! Although the title and some of the content in the book is humorus, the advice in it is very serious. She explains some really great signs to look for while dating, how to choose a partner that’s right for you in your present life, and so much more. Not for one moment will you question her honest judgement and relationships advice.

“Choose Bliss: The Power & Practice of Joy and Contentment” by Moneeka Sawyer 

Moneeka Sawyer really opens herself up in this tell all book about the ups and downs of her personal life. But she also shares a lot of amazing principles and practices that can help guide any body through the good times and the really bad times. Her ability to relate so well to the reader and explain how she uses her own tools for success make you feel like your just talking to a trusted friend who knows exactly how what you’re going through.

If you decide to pick up any of these let us know using #FitChicksBookClub. I will probably start featuring more health and wellness books I’ve been reading more often, so keep a look out!