How To Become A Pro At Positive Thinking

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Clearly life is hard. Everyday we are all thrown challenges and obstacles that have every intention to make us feel exhausted, negative, or completely defeated. However we each have the option of either feeling all of that or feeling positive and grateful regardless of life’s sh*t. By shifting your energy and using the power of positive thinking you can not only get through every day a little bit easier, but also attract even more happiness and success into your life.

Of course this is all much easier said than done. Don’t worry though, I’m about to give you the information and tools you need in order to become a pro at positive thinking and energy shifting.

First, it’s important to understand exactly what “energy” is. No, it’s not that thing toddlers have for hours on end. It is what your internally carry around with you everyday. Energy can be given and received but it never turns off. An example of energy shifting is, walking into a room and feeling a wave of discomfort or insecurity. Something or someone in that room messed with your energy. So how do you fix it? I’ll get to that shortly.

Now it’s pretty clear what positive energy/thinking is but we don’t use it as often as we should. Most people tend to think positively when something is going wrong, but using it everyday as often as possible can make a big difference in your life. If you walk around with negative self-hating energy the universe will just treat you accordingly but if you adopt daily use of positive thinking/energy you will give and receive so much more out of life.

So here are a few easy ways you can change your energy and thinking:

Identify your negative triggers.

Think about what parts of your day make you feel negative or shift your energy. If it’s not a particular part of your day maybe it’s a person or a thing you come in contact with often, but you’re just so used it you don’t notice. Take a moment to step outside of yourself and view your life from an outside perspective in order to identify when, where, who, or what your negative trigger is. Once you do this then it’s up to you to choose how your going to change it or if you’re going to eliminate it completely.

Be grateful for the present and future.

Gratitude is a super powerful and effective way to give and receive positive energy. Interrupt thoughts of anxiety, sadness, or defeat with thoughts of extreme gratitude. What I mean by extreme gratitude is no matter how tough your situation is think of every single thing you have to be grateful for. For me I go as far as being in gratitude for my toothbrush, my favorite pair of choose, and even oxygen. And if for some reason you can’t figure out a single thing to be grateful for in the present then be grateful for the future. This might sound odd but being grateful for what you have no receive yet informs that universe that you are ready to receive it. Adopt gratitude as often as possible and watch things start going your way more often than usual.

Refocus & Reconnect.

This is probably the easiest yet hardest one of them all because we live in a time where we are constantly going and constantly plugged in. For your mental health it’s important to take a moment in your day or a week to stop and step away from your busy life in order to remember why you’re doing it all and if you’re happy doing it. I personally like doing this the morning with a 10 minute meditation, but to each it own. You can sit in your car for a few more minutes or read a book. However you choose to refocus and reconnect make sure you’re committed to it in that moment, turn off your phone step away from your computer and relax.

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If you try any of these and you feel like that made a difference in your daily energy/thinking I would love to hear about it. Leave a comment. Also feel free to share any tips you may have to be a positive thinking pro. Remember taking care your mind is equally as important as taking care of your body. Balance your mental and physical health and you’ll be so much more productive and happy.