August Workout Playlist + Life Updates

Aug. workout playlist copy

I can’t believe that summer is basically over! September will be here in just a couple weeks now and I truly cannot believe how fast this year is going by. For me this summer has flown by because in May I graduated college, moved to Southern California, have been working two jobs, wrapping up the publication of my book, and still blogging as often as I can. Post grad life adulthood is…a lot , but overall I’m alive and healthy so I can’t complain all that much.  For more detailed life updated you can check out my more personal blog Twenties In TX.

So much is happening but living in Southern California has definitely made more health conscience. I mean I’m surrounded by beaches, trails, and juice bars on every corner how could I not wanna continue living a healthy lifestyle? Plus everyone here is gorgeous, so there’s that too. I’m working out more as well because my college body, well it was just that a college body. I swear the minute after I graduated and turned 22 my metabolism completely shut down so now my nights of endless tacos and margaritas have to be well calculated.

My favorite fitness activities this month have been cycling and hiking. After the first 20 minutes I’m usually an exhausted so what I’m listening to is key to me finishing a workout. With that being said here is what I’ve been listening to during workouts, hopefully they get you pumped just as much as they get me!


There will be playlist every month, and if let me know what gets you going during a workout on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (we have one now hooray), or comment below. I would honestly love to exchange workout playlist with all of y’all.