How To Cut Sugar From Your Diet (Without Being Cranky)

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Here at FitChicksTX we fully believe in not depriving your body of it’s wants and needs. You can be happy, healthy, and fit without sacrificing absolutely every food you enjoy. But we also believe to enjoy those guilty pleasure treats in moderation.

Last week I realized how much sugar I was consuming everyday. Sugar in my morning coffee, brown sugar in my oatmeal, a piece of candy after lunch, sugar in my afternoon cup of tea, and then usually some type of desert to treat myself after a long day. This was my routine for weeks before I took notice. I was breaking out constantly and didn’t have as much energy during my workouts, so I decided to cut out sugar completely for 2 weeks.

Well I failed after day 5 (LOL) but trust me those 5 days were not easy, especially because I started my cycle on day 3 and we all know how demanding period cravings are. My uterus was screaming at me to eat something sweet, but overall my experience wasn’t too bad. My skin was clearing up super quickly, I was able to complete a workout without getting sluggish, I didn’t reach for sugar-y foods as often because I figured out ways to cut my everyday cravings.

If you are someone who has a super bad sweet tooth (like me) or just wants to detox for a bit, here are some sugar substitutes and advice on how to cut sugar out of your daily diet (without being cranky):

Agave Nectar 

This is a great substitute for honey and maple syrup. One serving has less than half of the sugar or traditional syrup. If you do decide to try agave make sure you buy it raw or organic. You can put it on pancakes, put in your coffee or tea, or whatever. Yes, it has sugar but cutting down is still effective in cutting it out.

Recommendation: Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave

Artificial Sweeteners

Most artificial sweeteners are primarily used with stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener, you can honestly grow it in your backyard. There are no health benefits to using artificial sweeteners and have no nutritional value, but that’s why switching them with your traditional white sugar is an effective way to cut sugar out of your diet completely. Honestly artificial sweeteners don’t taste exactly like sugar, but it has enough of that flavor to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Recommendation: Truvia Natural Sugar

Fruit, Fruit, & More Fruit

Fruit is actually full of sugar, but it’s all natural sugar, therefore once again can satisfy a sweet tooth without compromising calories. Next time you go grocery shopping, instead of buying ice cream or cookies buy as much fruit as your heart desires and replace that with your daily deserts. The benefits of eating more fruit are it improves your skin, improves your digestive system, high in fiber, high in potassium, and much more. Try it and see for yourself!

Recommendation: Mangos & Watermelons (my personal fave fruits)