Take A Page From ‘Parks & Rec’ For Your Mental Health

Take A Page From ‘Parks & Rec’ For Your Mental HealthIf you are a fan of Parks & Recreation, then you are fully aware of the made-up annual holiday, “Treat Yo’Self Day.” During all seven seasons of the now-cult comedy classic, co-workers Tom Haverford played by Aziz Ansari and Donna Meagle played by Retta, completely disregard work to celebrate themselves by buying whatever they want and eating whatever they want for one day a year.

“Treat Yo’Self” eventually manifested itself to more then a fake holiday, it became a part of these characters and the entire show’s optimistic humor. Major fans of the show, including myself, looked forward to watching how Donna & Tom would reward themselves in the most extravagant ways possible. Every year would usually consist of some sort of spa treatment, fabulous outfit, and custom deserts.

Whoever created this fake holiday is a genius. Our bodies and minds go through a lot each and everyday, especially recently. Though living a focused and healthy life style is everyone’s goal, it’s important to take at least a day out of the year to remember you’re not perfect but you’re doing an awesome job.

If you’re on a super strict diet or work routine, splurge ever now and then! Eat some Girl Scout cookies as a reward and don’t regret it. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes and go dancing in them, because who says you can’t?

Self rewarding is good for your health. And you don’t have to treat yourself as excessively as Donna and Tom did in order to do it correctly. Whatever small thing makes you happy, do it with no regrets.

Treating “YO SELF” can improve your mental health and physical health.