Three Natural Oils That Will Give Your Skin New Life

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Whether you have oily or dry skin natural oils are essential to its health and that highly desired natural “glow”. Oil will not only hydrate and reduce signs of aging but can also repair previous damage.

You would surprised how many skin products have oil in them. There are hundreds of oils out there, but the three below are best for acne prone problem skin. Even if you do not have problem skin you can still also find great use out of these oils as well.

1) Manuka Oil: Manuka oil is extracted from the New Zealand’s manuka flower. Manuka honey is also a popular extract from the flower because of its acne treating effects. Its antibacterial and anti acne properties make it a popular ingredient in in several top skin care brands and products, including Shea Moisture’s Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Body Wash and Just Natural Skincare’s Manuka Acne Treatment. Pure makuka oil ranges from about $15 – $25, and only manuka oil pulled from the East Cape of New Zealand has the antimicrobial benefits.

2) Palm Oil: Palm oil is pulled out of the mesocarp of the palm fruit grown out of the African oil palm trees. Palm oil is edible and actually is found is most processed snacks and candies. However you can’t receive its antioxidant, emollient, and repairing ingredients by eating a peanut butter cup, if only. The benefits of palm oil are better received by applying it directly to the skin. Palm oil is found in products such as Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Moisturizer, NIA24 Sun Damage Repair, and my personal favorite African black soap. Pure palm oil can be used for cooking and the skin, and ranges from about $8 – $10.

3) Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil, also called melaclecua oil is pulled from the leaves of the molecule alternifolia, better known as a tea tree plant. Tea tree oil has an outstanding amount of uses and benefits, not only for the skin but for overall health. It’s antibacterial, anti-acne and antiseptic properties make its a go to for bad breakouts. I personally always have a bottle of 100% pure tea tree oil in my cabinet, which cost about $6, for those stubborn breakouts and I even use it to open my sinuses when I’m sick. If that is too strong for you there are tons of face washes and toners on the market that include tea tree as well.

As terrifying as it sounds to directly apply oil to your face, natural oils have benefits all around for all ages and all skin types. Whether you need a complete skin make over or just want to treat your already nice skin a little bit of oil can go a long way.