5 Fun Ways to Reach Your Summer Body

It’s that time of year everybody, summerrrr! If you’re like most other young women in the world you are currently either …

  • A. Walking around with your perfect body completely ready for bathing suit seasonor…
  • B. Freaking out because you said you we’re gonna start working out months ago and now oh sh*t it’s bathing suit season.

Either way the season is among us and we need all to get our minds and bodies ready. But don’t let your fitness goals stop you from enjoying the warm weather and good times. There are tons of things you can do inside or outside that are summer time fun friendly but also great for burning calories and achieving a summer body without if feeling like a drag.

Here are a few ways you and friends can get that summer body quick

  1. Fitness & Chill

If you total up the amount of hours you spend per week Netflix and chillin’ you may be surprised. While you’re going through you’re Netflix marathon do a work out during it, you’ll forget you’re even working out while catching on Grey’s Anatomy. Squats, bicep curls with small weights, or crunches are just a few simple workouts you can do while watching.

If you’re not so good at multitasking take a Netflix break and switch to Youtube for 30 minutes. XHIT Daily is one of my favorite channels to find quick and effective workouts. The VS Cardio will make you drip sweat in under 15 minutes, then you can shower and go back to your binge watching.


2. Hiking/Climbing 

If you’re not a fan of outdoor adventures then this one is not for you but if you are then you’re already probably a fan of hiking. I went for a great hike yesterday and didn’t even notice that I had been walking for over 2 miles.

If you’re unsure where to find a trail check out All Trails to find hiking/climbing trails near you and at a level your comfortable with. To make it even more fun bring friends and snacks and make a day of it.

3. Beach Bike Ride/ Long Boarding / Rolling Skating

This activity is great if you’ll be traveling a lot during the summer, especially if you’re going to cities with beautiful beaches. Doing one of these won’t even feel like a workout. It will just feel like another fun summer activity and if you do it long enough you can get in some serious cardio.

4. New Fitness Class 

I have an slight addiction to Groupon. You can find so many great things for such great deals, especially fitness classes. Everything from half off gym memberships to private aerial aerobics classes, Groupon has a discount for every type of fitness class you can imagine. Once again this is activity that is great for a group of friends, and can be made into a girls night out.

5. Dance The Night Away 

This one is pretty self explanatory. I have been to many of parties and night clubs where I was dancing and hot room for hours and didn’t even notice until the night was over. I’m pretty sure twerking upside down burns a ton of calories lol .

If you try any of these or have any other fun fitness ideas for summer leave a comment or tweet us!