Fitness Slippin’

weight-gain-274x300I cannot remember the last time I’ve worked out or been to the gym. Yes, it’s been that long probably about a month. Being busy is not an excuse to not workout, but I’ve been very busy unless you count twerking at hot crowded bars and running to final exams a workout .

With graduating college a few days ago and preparing to move to California next week I have been drinking a lot and not eating properly at all. I do still enjoy eating well and working out (when I can) but I just haven’t had the time at all. I’ve felt bad about not living the “healthy lifestyle” that I always preach about so I’ve been avoiding posting here. Who am I to say that you should cut back on fast food and alcohol, when that’s been 90% of my diet for the past 3 months? But with not being a college student I will be writing full time now and from a completely new perspective. I will share how stay active and healthy in a young adult life style, and on a still affordable but a bit higher budget.

Also with this move to California I will get to try all new things, restaurants, health trends, and what not. Soul cycle anyone? I know this move will actually help me continue a healthy life style and represent my brand well because we all know SoCo is home to tons of fresh healthy food and outside ways to get fit. I’m so excited to have access to hiking trails, beaches, natural grocery stores on every corner, and (what I’m most excited about) frutas con chile!

I would also like to add just because I’m moving does not mean the TX will leave Fit Chicks Texas. Texas will always be home. Not much will change really, well hopefully the scale but we’ll get to that. Stay tuned!