Much Needed Update

Hello Fitchicks, it has been a while! For a few weeks now I’ve thought about slowly letting go of this blog/brand because I have not been following my own advice. I do not work out as much as I used too and I do not eat as well as I would like. As some of you may know I am a senior in college, and will be graduating this May (AH!). I didn’t realize how hectic my last semester would be, but it truly is regardless of my flexible schedule.

I will not give up on FCTX though because I know how many of our readers enjoy the site. However I will be taking a break from posting until about mid-May. No worries though will still be guest bloggers everyone now and then, and I am also still very active on our Twitter page.

If you have any fitness/wellness comments, questions, concerns, or just want to share your own tips to can Tweet us or comment on our Facebook page.

Thanks to all the FitChicks who have stuck around!