5 Ways To Get Motivated to Workout

Guest blog post by Autumn Dickens unnamed copy

Those of us who workout regularly or even aspire to create a regular fitness routine, at some point struggle with finding the motivation to do so. We get lazy or just bored with our usual routine. And there doesn’t seem to be anything that can help us get out of that rut and shake it off.

There’s no desire or will to get off our comfy couches. And trust me, I know, it’s tough. It’s also so much easier to stay on the couch, especially when you have no motivation or energy to go to the gym or workout from home. Luckily, there are some ways to get out of that rut and gain that much-needed motivation. 

  1. Switch it up and try something new – After a while, our bodies begin to get used to our workouts. I muscles begin to memorize certain routines and we start to hit a plateau. So it’s crucial for us to switch things up and try any workouts and routines.                                              Tip: Take a class like Zumba or Barre and try different exercises like HIIT or Cross-fit. 

2. Get a buddy. –  You’re much more likely to get up off the couch and go to the gym if you have someone pushing you to go. Find a buddy to keep you accountable and to push you on.          Tip: Take a class together or start a challenge on something like Nike+.

3. Workout at a different time.  – Another  reason I get unmotivated to work out is because it gets predictable. So I change the time of my workouts every now and then, to add a fresh element to them.                                                                                                                                                          Tip: If you workout in the  a.m. change it to the p.m., if you can, and vice versa. 

4. Go up on intensity. – Like I said before our bodies get used to our workouts. So try to challenge yourself by going up on your weights and intensity of your workouts.                                Tip: Challenge yourself by increasing your weights, speed or reps by 5, every week. 

5. Buy some new workout clothes or gear.  – Having new workout clothes make you look forward to working out even more. Go buy a new shirt or equipment, to get you motivated to get back to fitness.                                                                                                                                                              Tip: You don’t have to go out and spend a lot, just get one or two items that will help you look forward to your next workouts.

All of these tips have helped me overcome my fitness ruts, and motivate me to get back to the gym and give my all in my workouts. So the next time you feel lazy, unmotivated, or just have no desire to workout remember these tips!

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