Detox Tea Review & Giveaway!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.47.34 PMI’m sure like most of you who see the multiple daily post on social media about various detox tea’s I always wonder “Does it really work?“. I’ve mentioned my love for a good detox previously but I have never actually tried a daily detox tea program.

The other question I wonder whenever I see a detox tea ad is “Which one will work for me?”. After hours of research I decided to try the Skinny Teatox 14 day evening teaI enjoyed my experience with Skinny Teatox tea so much that I will be having FitChicksTX first ever GIVE AWAY YAY (details at end of post)!

What stuck out to me about Skinny Teatox  that I didn’t see in many other’s was that all of their products are 100% natural. Another thing that really drew me to this company was their honestly and encouragement. 

“It’s important to combine healthy eating and exercise with your teatox program. Although changing your diet and activity level isn’t absolutely necessary to see results, it will speed up the process. Stay healthy everyone. You’re not going to get skinny just by drinking a tea, especially if you live an unhealthy lifestyle. Eat your fruits and vegetables, avoid fatty foods, exercise and be happy,” according to the Skinny Teatox FAQ page.

The evening tea is designed to drink every other night, so every following morning I wrote down my symptoms and how effective I felt the tea was that day:

Day 1: Felt very bloated right after drinking the tea, woke up still very bloated. Thought the tea wasn’t working, around 12 p.m. the bloating  decreased and the cleansing effects of the tea kicked in. Surprised how well it works on the first day. 

Day 3: Woke up mildly bloated again, there wasn’t much of a wait for the

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tea to work. Felt very energized and refreshed.

Day 5: Usually the tea kicks in no later than noon it’s almost 1:30pm and still very bloated, I think my body has gotten used to the ingredients thus the results aren’t as strong. 

A few hours later … the tea still worked just later in the day, I do see my stomach becoming flatter though.

Day 7: Drank the tea around 9:30 pm yesterday hoping I would be able to cleanse early in the morning. No pains in my stomach, had nice and gentle detox this morning. Once again felt quite energized. 

Day 9: Drank the tea around 8 pm yesterday, didn’t workout last night so relying on the tea to reduce my calorie intake today. Stomach is still nice and flat. 

Day 11: Had a bit of a cheat day yesterday, however did a workout afterwards then drank the tea. Woke up and the tea was way more gentle, feel a lot less bloated then I did when I first started. 

Day 13: Drank the tea around 8 pm last night so I can use  the energy the tea gives me to have a nice morning workout. Was able to detox and still workout afterwards.

Overall my experience has proven that detox tea does work, especially Skinny Teatox. Never during my 14 day cleanse I felt sick or super uncomfortable it actually made me feel better. There’s something satisfying about knowing your flushing out the toxins. Not only has it become a new addition to fitness journey but also helped clear up my skin!

If you are skeptical about detox tea and want to use a product that is trust worthy and healthy I genuinely recommend this brand. Check out their website here, to check out all their different types of tea.

Now I know what you’re really here for, we are giving away the Skinny Teatox 14 Day Detox to one lucky winner. Anyone who enters must be 18+and follow the giveaway guidelines below.

Giveaway Rules:

Give away will close Feb. 1 and winner will be selected randomly

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