Intense 5 – Minute Workouts

So just last night I realize today is the eve before New Year’s Eve, where did the time go I swear it was just Thanksgiving! I thus far do not have any plans for NYE yet, but would not be surprised if I got a last minute invitation. I’m sure most of us are still picking at Christmas left overs, and my not have the time or energy to get a full workout in right before 2016 celebrations. But if you have a sequin dress that’s been in your closest since June (I do!) it’s time to bust it out and look your best.

Here are some great super quick toning workout out from PopSugar Fitness. I love going to PopSugar’s YouTube channel whenever I’m away from the gym or on vacation somewhere, all their workout are effective but time efficient. I just finished a nice 1 hour at home workout and incoporated these three 5 minute videos into it. Do not be fooled by the time, these will have you burning and sweating super quickly.