DIY Winter Skincare


This year while packing for Christmas vacation I realized I couldn’t bring all my skin care products along with me. Well I could, but the thought of opening my suitcase and seeing product spilled every where made me cringe. So all I brought will me was a mini container of coconut oil, a mini container of my Freeman Black Sugar and Charcoal scrub , black african soap, and the hope that my mom had a fully stocked kitchen.

Moisturizer, cleanser, scrub, and the rest was up to whatever I found at home. I would suggest this method for my other winter travelers because it saves you room (and worry) in your suit case, but also literally forces you to use as much natural, at home, DIY skin care a possible.

Luckily winter hasn’t been too harsh so far this year, but regardless this is the time to take the most care of your skin so it will be healthy in the spring/summer. Even though I have oily skin it does still get really dry and dull during the winter months as well.

I’ve used all types of things on my acne prone – oily skin but not until I started using things like eggs, honey, oatmeal, and lemon on my skin I started seeing a big difference. Whether you have oily or dry skin there is a DIY skin care treatment that can improve the appearance and feel or your face, especially during the winter. Here are some of my favorites that work for all skin types:

  • sea salt + honey = exfoliator
  • honey + egg + lemon = acne fighting
  • brown sugar + olive oil + honey = moisturizer
  • lemon + orange + water = toner
  • honey + cinnamon + nutmeg = acne scar treatment
  • banana + lemon + honey = brightening
  • coconut oil + water = makeup remover
  • ground coffee + coconut oil = exfoliator
  • cucumber + egg white = soothing
  • strawberries + honey = pore shrinker 
  • apple cider vinegar + water + honey = acne fighting

If you try any of these and like them let us know and tag us on Twitter @FitChicksTX. Be happy, be healthy, be fit <3.