FitChicks Try’s: Yoga

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This is my first post on a new series on here called “FitChicks Try’s” documenting or showing y’all something new that myself or any of other writers are trying relating to wellness or fitness. Last week I was planning on starting this with  FitChicks Try’s : Meal Prepping , but that didn’t quiet work out so I’ll try it again after Christmas break.

Tonight I went to community Yoga at my local studio Yoga Hut Denton. I’ve done yoga before and I’ve was a frequent visitor of this particular studio in the summer but I haven’t been back since July so it’s time for a much needed revisit.

I went in mind with two goals, the first being to stretch out my incredibly sore legs from my cardio workout yesterday and the second goal being to feel good again. For the past several weeks I’ve been emotionally and mentally exhausted, and feel my “inner light” dimming day by day. With my past experience with practicing yoga I was unable to focus because I didn’t go in with a clear mind, so today I did and what a difference it made with my experience.

It was about an hour long and there was only myself and three other young women in today’s class. Out instructor Rose slowly guided us through each pose, and gave tips on how to correct the form.

Beginning to end I stayed focused on my goals regardless or any discomfort or thoughts trying to distract me. Connecting every movement I did to my breathing was also a big help in staying focused, it gave me to something for my mind to do.

If you have never tried yoga or have no interest I would suggest changing that. Whether you more of a running types of girl or like to lift weights daily, yoga can benefit you somehow. It has tons of benefits including it improve muscle strength, decreases blood pressure, helps your sleep, and betters your bone health.

And of course yoga improves your mental wellness. It reduces stress and improves stress. I can’t tell you how good it felt to be away from my phone and my laptop in a relaxing space for a good hour worrying about nothing else but myself.

Most yoga studios offer free classes once a week, a student discount, or a deal for new comers. If you don’t have access to a yoga studio there are dozens of great Youtube channels, such as one of my favorites Yoga With Adriene.

On my way out of class I saw this posted on the billboard and thought I would include in this post. I hope everyone has a great week and try’s something new as well!

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