Post Thanksgiving HIIT Workouts

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and stuffed their face to no return, I know I did. After image2that fourth piece of pie we all start to feel that guilt and you start to think how much extra cardio must be done to have to do in order to work off that feast. However you don’t have to over do your workout in order to burn off all those calories, nor do you need big fancy gym equipment.

Usually during this time of year I’m busy getting prepared for Christmas and finishing all my projects and finals for the end of the semester so I rarely have time to go to the gym anyway. If you’re equally as busy as I am or don’t have access to a gym, at home workouts are great if you want a really effective calorie burning – metabolism increasing HIIT.

For those unfamiliar with the term HIIT stands for “high intensity interval training”, these type
of workouts are done at a constant high intensity to low intensity sets with a short break in between. The alternations and breaks in between each set makes pushing through the workouts a bit easier.

HIIT workouts have multiple benefits , including the burn more fat, increase your metabolism and usually require little to no equipment. If you do want to use any all you really need are a pair of dumb bells, a yoga mag, resistance bands, and/or a kettle bell.

If you don’t know where or how to start an effective at home HIIT workout, check out Pumps & Iron, which is on our list of blogs we love. Popsugar Fitness & XHit Daily are also great, they have tons of YouTube videos specially designed to be done in a small space while burning a lot of calories.

I personally love going to these YouTube channels, my favorite fitness blogs, or Pinterest and combining workouts to personally meet my fitness goals. HIIT workout also are really short, usually take no longer then 30 minutes to complete.

Check out the Pumps & Iron 20 min Torch workout I have posted on here, or any of the other one on their site. If try this or any other at home HIIT workouts let us know by commenting or via Twitter, and how you felt after. Good luck Fit Chicks and have a happy workout!