How To Get Your Healthiest Natural Hair






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For a really long time my hair was extremely unhealthy and honestly that made me self conscience. I’ve have so many horror stories with bad perms, terrible dye, or just plain ugly hair cuts. So last year after getting another terrible haircut I decided to start completely over, and now it’s never looked better. I went from a crooked pixie cut to now a healthy and luscious bob from June to now.

I used to never take much care of my hair other then washing it regularly and moisturizing it every now and then. As most of you know I am African American and our hair works much differently then most. Because I am now all natural and do not use any chemical relaxers my hair needs much more attention, which I wasn’t aware of when I started.

Now a days I treat my hair like I treat the rest of body, with the proper amount of attention  and nutrients to make sure it’s as healthy as possible. It took me some time but I eventually figured out what products work best for me and how to take care of my natural hair texture.

You don’t have to have natural hair to have healthy hair. I know plenty of girls that do have chemically relaxed hair that have healthy hair as well. No matter what your ethnicity, hair type or texture here are the first few steps you should take to make it and keep it beautiful and healthy.

Step 1: Understand/research your hair texture

This is super important if you have natural hair because it will help you figure out what type of products work best for your curl pattern. A simple google search will help you out. I found it my hair type through one of my favorite natural hair blogs, Natural Hair Rules. Find your types and you’ll find your perfect hair products.

Step 2: Vitamins & Lots of Water

You should drinks lots of water for multiple reasons but drinking more water also helps your hair as well. Hydration is a major key to to hair success. Also there are tons of hair vitamins on the market that stimulate hair growth. My personal favorites are just good old Biotin and Hairfinity. Once again knowing your hair type will help you know what supplement will work best for you.

Step 3: Growth serum or oil 

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Oil is so essential for your hair to survive. Whether you have dry or oily hair it’s needed to penetrate your hair shafts. It’s like giving your scalp a hug and you’re scalp will love you back in return. I typically use a combination of vitamin E oil, coconut oil, and black castor oil. I apply all or these to my scalp and entire hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then continue with my regular washing routine. You usually only want to apply oil to hair before your wash days.

Step 4: Write your hair goals down & track your progress.

Putting it on paper as a note in your phone will help you during those bad hair days. I don’t know how many times my hair was being difficult and I wanted to chop is off again, but then I thought about what my goals were and how long it would take if I started all over. Also taking pictures of your hair growth will help on days you think nothing is happening. You’ll be surprised how much your hair grows and changes over a course of a couple months.

Step 5: Have a handful of go to products that work for you.

Once again find your hair type find your perfect products. And regardless of most of our bathrooms you usually don’t need that many products to keep your hair beautiful, maybe about 4 – 6. Find a your go to shampoo and conditioner, deep conditioner or leave in conditioner, oil or serum, moisturizer, head protector, and styling product. I will do a separate post bout what my go to hair products are.

Step 6: Find your “hairspiration “.


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Find someone that will inspire your healthy hair journey whenever you’re feeling discouraged about it. My personal “hairspirations” are singer-song writer SZA and my lovely hair blogger friend Shae Lisa. They both show me that with time and care natural hair can be as easy to manage and wear as relaxed hair.

These steps don’t have to be taken in this particular order, neither do you have to do every single one of them to have healthy hair. But which ever you choose to follow in whatever order they will make a difference in how you view and take care of your hair. Whether you have short curly hair or long straight hair it’s beautiful and I’m sure you want to keep it that. If you try any of these steps or would like to know what products I use to keep my hair healthy tweet us at @FitchicksTX.