November Fitness Goals

I can’t believe it’s November already, and I can’t believe I am 6 months away from graduating college! With that being said everything in my life has been very busy, so working out and eating

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right hasn’t been my first priority thus far in my senior year. One week I’ll workout consistently and eat really healthy, and the next week I won’t have time to workout at all and buy fast food because I don’t have the time to grocery shop.

With it being November I’m planning on starting over this month, and forgiving my former self for the amount of burgers and fries I’ve had since the semester started. So I’m giving myself these fitness/wellness goals, and readers feel free to hold me accountable to them please!

My first goal is to drink way more water, I maybe have one bottle of water per day but I know I need more. Today I downloaded Waterlogged, an app that basically allows you to track how much water you drink everyday.

My second goal is to lose 3 – 5 lbs, I’m a big believer in not letting the scale determine your progress however the scale has defintely shown I haven’t been being as healthy as I can be. I’m currently 125.8 lbs, but I usually am about to 120.0 lbs so I just want to get back to normal weight.

My last fitness goal is to eat less fast food. I love fast food, mostly because it’s instant but obviously not very nutirious so I’m going to change my fast food habit from once a week to once every 3 weeks. I honestly used to never eat fast food, but the busier I get the more I’m drawn to it.

After my workout today I realized how good it feels to be active and healthy, and that slowly adding my healthy habits back into my life will only make me look and feel so much better. Lately I’ve been super stressed and I just need to get back into being physically and mentally healthy again. Leave a comment on your current fitness goals or tips on how you stay motivated, I love getting advice as well!

Oh and before I forget I’m excited to announce that we reached our October Twitter followers goal yay, thanks to everyone who follows the site and social media accounts I greatly appreciate it. FitchicksTX is growing daily and I can’t wait until it grows into the brand that I know it will become.