How To Deal With Post Workout Pain

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My legs are on fire and every step I take I mumble ouch or a swear word under my breath afterwards. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the gym and yesterday’s leg workout plus this morning’s cycling class has me slightly regretting ever moving my legs.

When I first started my fitness/wellness journey I hated the feeling of pain but I kept pushing through it and a few months later I eventually became addicted to it. Feeling the muscles in my body pulse with each set was a thrill to me, but like anything I get obsessed with and was over it after awhile.

Like it says in our slogan says “real tips by real chicks” so I’m going keep it real with y’all. I took a unnecessarily long break from working out  because I got bored and lazy. Once school started I forced myself to get back into it by taking cycling as an elective and going to the gym on the days I don’t have class. Thus far this has been easier said then done, but every week I get better and better a keeping myself accountable for my workout schedule and fitness/wellness goals.

But my legs are still on fire and now I feel like I need a 2 week rest day. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this sometimes. You know when you a couple of crunches and then look at your stomach to see if theres a difference? We’ve all done it once, but obviously results don’t come that quickly.Yes you can detox tea and waist train your ass off but nothing feels better, nor is as effective, as a workout that makes your body feel better and stronger.

Delayed onset muscle soreness or as most people call it “the burn” is the body’s way of healing and rebuilding so you can be stronger during your next workout. Basically what group of muscles you focused on during your workout our tearing to become bigger (and badder). Good news though, that pain decreases as long as your consistent.

My roommate (and best friend, hey Kaya!) has this bad habit of working out with me once a month, then hating me afterwards because she so sore then never workouts again. Then the cycle continues and she’s super sore the next time!

In order to avoid delaying your workout and cursing under your breather because you’re in pain here are some simple easy rules:

  1. Stretch! – Before, during, and after a workout!
  2. Be consistent – Try not to take more then 2 to 4 days to rest, your body will have trouble snapping back into your regular workout routine
  3. Tend to the pain – Warm bath, foam rollers , massages are a few great and effective ways to reduce soreness. One of my favorite products to this is Lavender Castro Oil (which is great for hair growth too) , I rub it on the sore spots and in just a few hours it’s gone.

If you want to change your body and health you have to change your perspective of pain and take care of yourself. Feel the burn, love the burn, embrace the burn!