The Importance of A Positive (+ Pretty) Work Space

FitChicksTX is all about physical and mental wellness. To keep an active and positive mindset it is so important to plant yourself in an positive and inspiring environment. Space is a big part of mental clarity, if your space is cluttered your mind will  most likely feel cluttered as well.

As a college senior I spend a majority of time on campus and treat my school’s library pretty much like an office. It’s where I do school work, blog work, and have meetings. The corner in my apartment where my desk sits is my at home work space and is less then ideal but it works for now because it just motivates me to work hard to I can get my dream work space one day. Here are some of my future home office ideas:

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 2.15.05 PM


Hustle gold foil print

As a journalism major and writer I love being surrounded by words. Simply typing your favorite words or quotes and then framing them is an easy and affordable way to make your work space make you actually want to work.

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I have a lot of books so I need a lot of shelf space. In order to save room it’s great to get a shelf that has many different shapes and sizes so you can hold books of all sizes as well as any small statues and storage.

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I’m a big fan of simple minimalistic furniture. Currently my desk is a bit complex, but I would love to have this one from Ikea. Large desk space is great for all creative types because we usually have multiple projects going on at one time (at least I do). A pop of color chair is also very inviting, and makes sitting down and working quiet inviting.

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I love a big beautiful tapestry, and cannot wait until I’m able to hang one up in a place that actually allows holes in the wall. A tapestry adds a sense of relaxation to a space and adds beautiful  color and texture to room.

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This last image are my favorite things on my own desk. I have a three buddha figures in my apartment total, but my biggest (and happiest) one sits right in front of me when I’m working. I also always remember to keep my current favorite candle and current favorite book on my desk too. Having things that inspire you and make you happy close to your workspace are great ways to stay motivated and inspired.

Hopefully this post inspired you to want to create or starting thinking about your own dream work space. When brain storming what to include, think about what images, words, and even what colors make you feel positive.

But if you’re like me and don’t have the space to create an inspirational home office or using Starbucks as conference room isn’t doing it for you anymore try the WeWork office spaces. WeWork provides offices and  conference rooms  for all types of creators and their teams no matter the size or place. They have office spaces all over the United States and even a few over seas, 56 offices in 17 cities total.

Even if you do have your own office space, We Work can still be beneficial to you as well. All members have access to exclusive events , connections with other creators and potential customers, discounts on products, and plenty more.

If there was a We Work location in my area I would definitely use it, however I know FitChicksTX will continue to grow and will be able to use their offices all over the country as well as my own pretty and positive future office space as well.

What sort of thing do you like to have around your desk or when your working? Let us know and don’t forget to visit the We Work Website and the FitChicksTX Twitter page for more advice and ideas.