Alcohol Makes You Fat!?!?

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I apologize for  the recent lack of post, summer traveling and summer class have been keeping me very busy. For the entire month of June & the the first 2 weeks of July I have been celebrating finally being 21 years old.

Like most 21st birthday’s I went drinking. Now I won’t lie, but like most college students I’ve been illegally drinking for awhile now.

The summer before my freshmen year of college I had my first drink, and have been lightly sipping whatever the host was able to provide. In most cases it was off brand beer or a random mix of mutiflavored punch with cheap vodka. Therefore I didn’t drink much when I did go out as a “underage drinker” because my options weren’t that great.

So of course when I turned 21 I was most excited to have fine quality and decent tasting alcohol of my choice hooray! Since my birthday I have had more nights out drinking more than usual because well now I legally can and it’s been wonderful! However, I discovered that alcohol makes life heavy, literally.

After a two day back to back bar hopping adventure with some close girl friends not only was my wallet suffering (damn bar tab) but my size. Since reaching my fitness goal and keeping a regular workout schedule (2-3 times week) my weight stays very consistent but I notice a major difference.

This all makes me realize why 1. people prefer drinking in the comfort of their home (it’s way cheaper) and 2. what the beginning stages of a beer belly look like.

Alcohol is great when used responsibly, and also when used in the right proportion. It has calories, like major calories that you don’t even think about. If you have 4-6 drinks in one night and each drink is around 140 calories that a lot of extra time on the treadmill.

There are of course skinny or diet versions of the drinks we all love though. Pinterest of course has a billion pins of homemade cocktails with fewer calories. And Skinny Girl Cocktails is a  full scale company that creates classy adult beverages that wont make you feel guilty.

I will continue to enjoy my youth, however will cut back on the amount of going out and drinking I do to save money and workout time.