The down side to reaching fitness goals

Currently I’m sitting on the my couch eating a bowl of raisin bran drizzled in honey, even though I’m desperately craving coffee flavored ice cream. I must eat a little cleaner than usual because first it’s almost my 21st birthday, and second, right after my birthday I’m going to Jamaica.This time of year my body is usually at it’s best, because it gets quite hot in Texas and I don’t have to workout for long to sweat. However, Texas is having an unusually cool summer with a lot of rain so I haven’t worked out since I’ve finished this semester.

image (6)My body is slowly starting to loose muscle and definition. I do not look like the like the left picture or the right picture anymore. I’m in between and my body once again looks like the process from left to right.Now I’m reaching this point that I’m scared that all my hard work is slowly seeping away and I’m going to go back to left version of my body . Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing and ya’ll understand.

As my life is becoming more hectic my desire and time to workout have decreased, and it makes me so sad. All those nights in the gym, all those blistered on my hands and sweaty tee shirts are going to mean nothing if I just let my body slip back to what I started with. I reached my fitness goals and beyond, so does that mean I’m allowed to eat what I want and never workout again? No!

I see this happen a lot, and it’s happened to me several times. We get into a healthy lifestyle/mentality and once we reach the peak of it we get tired. However, myself and others needs to realize just because a fitness goal was met does not mean that does not mean that you are just permanently fit. I must continue to live a healthy lifestyle, and continue to be motivated.

I love fitness/wellness not only because it makes me look good, but also because I feel good. If you’re adopting a healthy lifestyle just to look good that great, but it’s not enough. You have to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with the pain or you’re mind and body are not going to get the full experience.

I never want to look back and think “Man I used to be so fit what happened?”. Laziness is not an option and persistence is key.