Protein Packed!

As a girl always on the go there are some days I have very little time to sit down and eat, but if I don’t eat I’ll get very “hangry”. Not having time to eat also causes problems with fitting all my daily nutrition essentials in one day. We all should be getting the proper amount of protein, fat, carbs, and fiber in are diets every day to remain healthy and energized. Since I began my fitness journey I have been a big fan of protein smoothies.

They are great before or after a workout, as a snack or for breakfast, they’re pretty much a great filler for any meal if you don’t have time.

One of my ALL time favorites is a the classic peanut butter and banana protein smoothie. It’s simple but always delicious, especially if you’re a big fan of peanut butter like I am. It’s sweet and taste like a peanut butter cookie or banana bread (depending on how much peanut butter and banana you use) Here is my version of it:

Peanut Butter Banana Ingredients

Peanut Butter Banana Ingredients

Simply just throw all these ingredients into your blender for about 30 seconds, and BAM a protein smoothie that taste like a cheat day.You can use your preferred choice of milk, honey for additional sweetness, ice for a smoother consistency, or exchange peanut butter for any other type of nut butter (Nutella, almond butter, cookie butter, ect).

There are 3 types of protein powders you can substitute for as well, whey protein concentrate, whey isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate.The protein powder I used was the Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Isolate in Vanilla Cream.Whey isolate is the cleanest protein powder because it contains the least amount of fat and lactose and has the highest protein content.

Body Fortress protein powder contains a wooping 60g of protein per scoop and 9g of BCAA. BCAA indicates the protein quality. I used about a half scoop, because my body doesn’t need that much protein in take. I highly suggest researching how much protein your body specially needs so you don’t go over or under your suggested intake and get really sick.

A simple fast protein smoothie like this is great beacause …

1. Protein helps muscle development because it stimulates the increase in muscle protein synthesis

2. Protein is very filling , which not only suppress your appetite but can also help increase your metabolism

3. The muscle building protein does for the body can also increase your overall strength and size

The thing about protein smoothies is they are really diverse, and somewhat creative. With the right ingredients you can create all types of  protein recipes that are so yummy you’ll probably forget they’re healthy.