Food Review: Seven Spoons Internationally Inspired Skillet Meal

image (4)Okay you guys, so I just wrote this blog post, my finger slipped on something on my terrible laptop and deleted everything. It was written so well and now I could cry, but I’m going to try to recreate and remember everything I had before so bear with me. Okay here we go!

On a recent trip to Target I came out with more then I originally planned, as always. However, I would like to justify my overspending because I bought a bunch of new food. For some reason my local Target was having a sale on almost everything healthy, which is plus for me. So this is one of many upcoming food reviews.

I’ve been on campus a majority of my day and I was really hungry so when I came home I wanted something quick and filling, but still fresh and delicious. The Seven Spoons vegetable thai green curry skillet meal did just that. I’ve never tried this brands before and I am not being sponsored, this is my full honest opinion y’all.

This caught my attention because it says it is gluten free, 100% natural, and take 15 minutes to make. I also grabbed it because it was such a huge bag for such a good price. I’m not sure what the original price was but I got it for about $5! The meal is designed to feed two, which when opening the bag I felt like it could, however if you’re just eating for one like I am this is a good 3 days of dinner. Also when I opened the bag I was surprised that I actually saw all of the ingredients listed, which were thai jasmine rice, green curry sauce, tofu, red peppers, green peas, bamboo shoots, and baby corn.      image

The prep for this meal probably took me 2 minutes and the actually cooking took about 8 minutes. I was afraid the rice would take the longest, but the rice came its own separate steaming bag and it cooked it perfectly, not under or over done. The actually cooking of the vegetables  is what produced the green curry sauce. Immediately after letter everything simmer for a couple minutes it smelled amazing. You mix the veggies, curry, and rice together then WHAA- LA!

As for taste I wasn’t expecting a bunch of flavor because it is a frozen meal, and it wasn’t fresh out of the bottle curry, but it such didn’t taste like it. Everything tasted super fresh, there were so many spices and flavors, even the tofu was delicious (coming from the girl who is not a huge fan of tofu) . Also it’ nutritional value was image (1)also impressive for a frozen meal. 1 serving (about half of the bag) is 410 calories, 13 g of fat, 4 g of fiber, and 15 g of protein. There is 1 cup of vegetables per serving as well.

Overall, I am surprised how delicious and quick my Seven Spoons skillet meal was. I will most likely buy it again, even at full price. This is great for busy college students, such as myself, or busy moms. Their website states they aim “to transform the way you think about frozen food with the highest quality ingredients frozen at the peak of
freshness”, and I agree they have.

rating: 9.5/10