Shots shots shots! 

I’ve been taking a lot of not healthy shots the past weekend due to a friends birthday, and my body is mad at me. So this week I’ve been trying to detox, but it’s hard to do with such a busy schedule.

I barely have time make a smoothie in the morning, and I can’t drink it in class so came up with spinach shots!

Somewhat like my green goodness DIY smoothie but smaller and full of more green.

I just took a cup of fresh leaf spinach, a table spoon of flax seeds, 1 banana, & a few chunks of canned pineapple threw them in my blender then threw them in mini cups. Which do come with tops, and I found these at party city.

Really similar to a wheatgrass shot but not lol just the idea is not the taste. But these are great for on the go, or pre workout and pre class shot.