Personal fitness update 

Lately I haven’t really been watching what I eat. I haven’t been caring because I’ve been too busy and I just get hungry. I’ve been eating out and picking up way more than often which is a good and bad thing. And sticking to my regular workout schedule has it been keeping up with my bad eating habits. But I’m not perfect just because I’m a fitness blogger and wanted to share what’s going on with my diet and body. Unfortunately stepped on the scale one day and did not like what I saw, was weird because I definitely liked what I saw on the mirror. I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching, with eating habits and self-esteem. To a break up being busy with midterms and work on my health is starting to slowly decline again. I still love working out and doing as often as I can I just don’t put my all into it anymore. Though I look healthy on the outside I don’t feel healthy on the inside. I know what I’m putting in my body needs affecting my performance in the gym. I can drink as much detox tea in the world but it’s not the same feeling as working off the weight myself. I’m writing this post to vent but to also ask for ya’ll advice, what is a girl to do? 

PS: at the moment while I’m writing I’m also doing meal prep which is the first time I’m prepping food for a full week I’ll let y’all know how my experience with it goes