Food Review: Green Seed Vegan

This food review is a bit diffrent from previous ones, instead of reviewing a healthy food product I decided to review a healthy restaurant. I was raised in the heart of Houston and enjoying my last week of my winter break here. When I moved away from Houston to go to school there wasn’t really any healthy options near me in the 3rd ward/ midtown area, but not long after my first yunnamed (2)ear away I came back to a surprising cute little vegan restaurant on the corner of Almeda (4320 Almeda Houston, TX 77004), Green Seed Vegan a “raw and vegan cafe + elixir bar”. Even though I’m not longer vegetarian, I do enjoy a meat free meal every now and then. I downloaded the app to see what was on their menu, and was pleasantly surprised how many ingredients were in one item. Then of course I went to yelp to read reviews, and everyone was raving about the paninis, so then I was convinced I needed to stop by and stop being scared of “raw real vegan food” and just try it. Today for lunch I ordered the Latini Panini and was also tempted to get a wheat grass shot but I didn’t want to overwhelm by body with fiber honestly ha. According to the menu the Latini Panini – chipotle garbanzo tempeh with avocado, cilantro, tomato, and chipotle aioli. Was not at all bland vegan tasting like I expected, everything in the sandwich was super fresh and full of flavor. The tomato’s and avocado were super bright and tasted incredibly fresh. And I couldn’t even finish it, I was super full which was shock to me! I can’t give my opinion on the entire menu since I only tasted one item, but I was overall impressed with quality of the food and vibe of the restaurant itself. Green Seed Vegan is a affordable, delicious, cute and quite vegan restaurant not far from downtown Houston that would be a great lunch spot for anyone whether they are vegan or not. Learn more at .