New Year, New You?

It is of course this time of year that literally everyone gets on the fitness train. I’m all about positive changes, howeverrr I get quite overwhelmed and annoyed with the excessive diet and exercise post all over my social media feeds until Spring break. If you’re going to start living a healthy lifestyle stick to it! Also, figure out why you’re wanting to reach a fitness goal. Don’t do it so you can look like her or him, or be skinny by summer, do it because you want to feel good and live longer. That is the overall all goal of fitness that people tend to overlook and forget. The purpose of getting fit and to be a healthy, and the purpose of being healthy and is to feel wonderful. Last January, it was my goal to loose weight and I did, but I didn’t put a number on it. As long as I liked how I felt and looked I knew I would be happy. And now a year and some pounds shed later I reached that goal to the point that I created this blog to inspire other people to feel just as happy and healthy. To anyone that is looking to get fit this year, just remember why you’re doing it, who you’re doing it for, and how proud you’ll be of yourself and year later.