Oh Snatch!

snatch2During my most recent workouts, I’ve have been trying to build my upper body strength, without sacrificing my love of “the burn” in my legs, snatches are my new favorite workout because of that reason.

Snatching or stanches, are mostly commonly done in cross fit WOD (workouts of the day) . But of course like everything in cross fit, this workout is a weightlifting and body building staple. I attempted my first snatch at a free cross fit intro class during the summer, and I’m not going to lie it was difficult. I did not return to cross fit or snatching after that class. But regardless of my body’s hate toward me after that class, my curiosity about cross fit workouts continued.

I took some of my favorites and taliored them to fit the equipment I have available to me at my university rec. center. , and to meet my personal fitness goals.

I’ve been including snatches in my workout for a good month now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It works the abs, arms, backs, and thighs all in own swift and controlled motion. It’s all about the form and focus for this type of workout. Like with any workout involving weights , form is super important to not only insure the workout is targeting certain muscles and burning fat , but also to make sure nothing is torn or sprained in the process.

If you’re ooking for a workout to build lean muscle, increase your heart rate quickly, and that helps you feel the only so glorious burn I highly suggest trying snatches.