Balancing fitness AND nutrition

So far in my wellness journey I have been able to eat things I still enjoy and loose weight. There are a lot of things I haven’t cut out of my diet though because as you guys know I don’t believe in deprecation. However nutrition is a big factor is seeing results in a fitness journey. I’m sure my progress would have happened much quicker and easier if I cut out pop-tarts and garlic bread. So now I’m a point where my body has gone as far as it can go with what I’m putting in it, and it’s time for a change! Time to make my nutrition just as important as my fitness. I was fairly healthy, but a majority of my diet is chicken and bread, I really like both lol. So I’ve started to “meal prep”, which is basically preparing snacks and meals for the week so I’m tempted to go off course or make a quick unhealthy dinner. I’ve also changed where I go grocery shopping. There’s no problem with Walmart there are something’s that I can only get there, but I tend to buy the cheapest version of what I’m looking for at walmart which usually is always the healthiest. So I’ve switched my grocery store to Aldi’s, if you don’t have one I’m crying for you because it’s amazing for someone like me who is on a budget but wants good quality food. Aldi’s grocery are all organic and they have a gluten free option for almost everything, and it’s the same prices if not better than Walmart. I’m basically learning, my eating habits aren’t going to get me to my personal goals so I want to see what changing my food choices will do to my health’s overall progress. I’ll keep y’all updated more to come!