Product Review: Waist Trimmer Belt!

Hey y’all! Sorry I have been MIA from blogging lately, midterms have been kicking my ass. Anyway I have a really exciting review today, I say that every time I do a review but I am genuinely really excited to share new things I’m trying on the blog. The new thing today is the Gold’s waist trimmer belt. Well it’s not really new because I know what these are, my mom actually uses these all the time and I’ve used one before just not this brand and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t using correctly when I was 10 years old ha. I got the Gold’s Gym Waist Trimmer Belt at Walmart for $4.95 which is great deal for this product, I saw quite a few online of the exact same thing for way more money. This belt is made out of 90% neoprene and 10% polyester, basically the two fabrics no one in Texas wears cause it’s too hot, but this obviously great if you want to sweat by choice. So I used it today for a quick 45 minute at home workout and I immediately could tell a difference and how I was working out and what the belt was doing. My posture improved while doing squats and lunges since this is a stiff thick fabric, and my entire body felt a bit warmer. After I took the belt off i was disgusted but impressed how much sweat I got around my abs and back. I’m glad I got it for so inexpensive because I can tell I may be able to was a few dozen times and then will need to replace which is a pro and con. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone, but especially if you have a hard time shedding fat around you mid and lower stomach specifically. However, don’t misunderstand this product it is a waist TRIMMER not a waist TRAINER, they are two very different things. A waist trained molds the waist and back to be a certain shape and size, you don’t have to necessarily be active to get results. A waist trimmer when used obviously produces sweat, burns calories, sheds fat.



(Don’t mind my Miley Cyrus buns lol)