You are what you eat.


As harsh as that statement is , there is truth to it. I’ve mentioned in previous post that I very strongly do not believe in dieting, and depriving the body of it’s wants and needs. However, sometimes what the body wants is obviously not always what is best. In that case I’ve personally found it easiest to find healthy alternatives. From doing this ( for about a year now) my overall health has changed tremendously. So let me get back to the point, “you are what you eat”, if you eat empty calories, over processed food, crap basically your body is going to feel like crap. Yea a donut or a slice a pizza once every couple of months won’t kill you, but once or twice a week eventually will. If you choose to replace the donut in the morning with eggs or a smoothie that are equally if not more delicious, you and your body will feel a lot better overall.