August: Fave Foods

So in order to make sure I post content on this blog at least every month, I’m going to start doing monthly series. My first one is going to be Fave Foods. Basically every single month I’m going to talk about some treats that I’ve been loving, so here y’all go enjoy!
1. Trader Joe’s cookie butter: very similar to peanut butter however the special ingredient is crushed freakin biscuits! Cure my insane sweet tooth without me feeling super guilty about it. Perfect on toast, rice cakes, apples, bananas, pretzels, & even in protein shakes

2. Good green juice: I posted my recipe for this juice not to long ago, however every time i make it, it differs. I add more or less of some ingredients and it changes the flavor completely. I have been drinking one of these everyday for the past week, usually for breakfast or snack and is a great source of fiber, protein, & energy!

3. Homemade Burritos Bowls: I always have brown rice, beans, chicken, and peppers on my grocery list, pretty much half of what I usually get at chipotle. So instead of buying chipotle in order to save myself money I decided to start making my own. Just throw anything in there as long as it has beans, rice, & lettuce you are good to go. Also this is super quick dinner to make and extremely filling.

3. Breakfast bowls: yogurt, fruit, and nuts. That’s pretty much it ha. Super fast and easy to make in the morning, and also super filling.