No excuses, no holding back!

Hey20140806-003130-1890522.jpg guys, sorry for my lack of post lately. I was going to write a post about why I’ve been slacking on this blog lately but I don’t really have a reason, I have legitimately just been lazy. My summer is sadly coming to an end and I’ve just been lazy in every aspect of my life, including the gym. Just last week I got back into my regular routine of working out atleast 3 /4 times a week minimum. However even my trips to the gym have been lazy. I’ve pretty much reached my physical goals,  so for awhile I didn’t see the need to workout as hard as I used to, I’m not trying to loose weight anymore. But recently I remembered why I started working out in the first place (and why I made this blog as well). I wanted to give myself the gift of self confidence and health, which is what I want to give anyone that reads my blog as well. So no more excuses, no more settling with being average, no holding back at the gym, or anywhere else for that matter!