Drink Review: Vitamin Water Energy

The last drink review I did was about an energy drink ,and even though I said I hate them I’m doing another energy drink review. Unlike the last one ,Vitamin Water Energy is advertised to consume before a worko20140707-142649-52009458.jpgut. It doesn’t give you that all day hyper feeling that a regular energy drink does because it contains “natural energy boost from green coffee bean extract” . I choose the flavor strawberry lime, not the greatest taste but I didn’t mind it. Initially I  felt like it wasn’t working though, I didn’t get any burst of energy after drinking it. However , the caffeine kicked in immediately once I started working out. Which is when I figured out this is definitely a pre-workout energy drink. I lifted more and did more reps then I have ever done before. Squatted 80 pounds which has been my maximum weight so far, so I’m quite proud of that. It made me just feel more energized and ready to take on the gym. As much as I love working out I hate the gym and feel intimidated by any equipment that I haven’t tried yet, but this time I didn’t have that problem. Overall this drink taste bad , but it  is effective. Once I was done working out  the pre-workout buzz slowly came down and I realized what my body had just done and I was exhausted! So if you were to try this drink it no more than 1 hour before you choose to workout. Oh and even more of a bonus it’s only 50 calories. 👍