Food Review: Questbars

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I have been eyeing these super hyped protein bars since I started macro- eating. They’re the first choice protein bar for those who are bulking, body building, or building muscle. Although they’re very filling they are NOT diet bars. I repeat these are not DIET bars! Questbars contain 21 grams of protein, 21 grams of carbs, and 8 grams of fat. They retail for about $2.79 individually and $25 to $30 for a box of 12 (depending on where you get them from of course) . These little bars pack a lot of punch. They provide a great deal of macros, energy, and like I said are super filling, I have yet to finish just one bar in one sitting. As for the flavors I picked up chocolate chip cookie dough, brownie, and cookies & cream. My local GNC had many others flavors as well like apple pie, banana nut, white chocolate raspberry, and cinnamon roll, just to name a couple. As for taste they do taste true to flavor, and have actual chocolate chunks! After awhile I did find the taste and texture were a little overwhelming because it has a chocolate-y, chewy, vanilla-y, protein-y taste. There are basically a lot of flavors going on , but all the ingredients are natural. There are only about 8 ingredients in each Questbar and a majority of it is whey protein and cocoa. By themselves they’re  decent, but bake these bad boys and OH MA GAWD they are so damn good! I baked my cookies and cream quest bar for about 2 min then topped with with whip cream & strawberries and I was even more impressed. I definitely liked the flavor and the taste of these bars way more baked. I’m going to experiment with baking them and making creative treats out of questbars. Overall I would give quest bars a 4 out of 5 rating. If you have never tried them don’t buy out a whole box like I almost did. Go to your local GNC and try out the flavors that appeal you first. Find out more information and where you can purchase these yummy protein bars at