Where did my boobs go???


In the past 5 months I’ve lost about 10 pounds and gained quite a bit of muscle. During the fitness journey I’ve seen my body change in a lot of positive ways. My whole body is more firm and toned. Every part of my body has changed, even my ankles and face seem a bit skinner. However ladies beware that if you choose to loose a significant amount of weight (especially if you also choose to gain muscle as well) you will lose some of the feminine qualities of your bodyl. I’ve always been curvy and I still am, but since I’ve lost so much weight all around my hips my curves are also a lot smaller. The biggest shocker that happened to me and my body is my boobs. While “developing” during my pre-teen years my boobs were constantly growing, when they finally stopped I ended up with a quite full 34C. I’ve notice some “shrinkage” because all my bras started to slowly but surely become less and less comfortable to wear, they weren’t even useful anymore after awhile. After months of trying to figure out what the heck was happening to my boobs, I recently discovered I was shrunk to a size 32B. I was a bit sad at first but now not so much. It make sense why most serious female athletes are a little less top heavy now, because basically they are burning fat in EVERY part of their body. So heads up ladies (& gentleman if you have a fit chick in your life) , curves may decrease but at least your strength will increase.