Why the Scale Doesn’t Matter

I used to be obsessed with the scale and what it had to say, and if I didn’t like the number I saw I did  everything in my power to change it. Sometimes that thing wasn’t the most healthy or practical option but I did. I’m ve20140417-020839.jpgry open about my past eating disorder now a days, but what started
it all was a scale. I had the same feeling again a few days ago at the gym and I felt really discouraged. I’ve lost so much weight it constantly fluctuates between 115 and 120 lbs, and I usually don’t check since it’s always changing. The last time I checked (about 2 weeks ago) I was 116 and now I’m 120. For some crazy reason that really upset me, and I didn’t even take into consideration how much weight lifting I’m doing now. The scale DOES NOT, SHOULD NOT, & WILL NOT matter because it doesn’t know what you look like, only you do! My motto is, as long as you’re working hard and you’re happy with what you see that’s all that matters.  Don’t let how much mass you put on planet Earth determine your happiness, and definitely DO NOT fixate on it like used to. It’s sad and unhealthy how our society labels your and your worth by this number on a stupid little machine, but you (and me) have to learn how to break through it. Though a pound of fat weighs about the same as a pound of muscle, muscle is denser than fat so the,  “muscle weighs more than fat” theory isn’t really true. But the density of muscle tissue can increase weight. Basically I’ve learned to stop relying on the scale to indicated my progress, because I know how much work I put in and I can tellhow much my body has changed dramatically. Ironically, I look more toned now than I did 2 weeks ago, and feel happier.