Macro-eating Fail!

For those that aren’t familiar with macro- eating it’s basically eating your suggested serving of proteins, carbs, & fats. It doesn’t matter what the content of those servings are as long as you fill those nutrients and calories daily. I decided to start macro-eating because I have lost plenty of weight so now I’m trying to tone up & gain muscle. Unfortunately I went a little to hard of the bulking and ended up eating wayyy too much protein. Long story short, I ended in the hospital because my high protein intake developed a really painful kidney stone. My lesson from this is, if you’re going to macro-eat or do any kind of specialized eating to meet your fitness goals do it smart! I didn’t do as much research about it as I should have before I actually started. I’m in no way say macro-eating is bad or doesn’t work though, because I jumped right back into it a week after my hospital visit, and I have seen results from it. Will do a more detailed post later about my macro-eating journey and how I’m doing it cautiously and correctly this time. Stay tuned!