Good food, good prices.

As a college sophomore paying for her own rent, bills, & other expenses I understand how tight money gets sometimes. I’m on a budget constantly and for some reason places like whole foods don’t understand I don’t want to pay $10 for almond butter. But there are other foods and alternatives that are good for you and your wallet. Here a few of my favorites:

Snacks are essential for me I’m constantly on the go, & need things to keep me satisfied for a long amount of time. Luna bars are about .99 to 1.29 each they are full of protein which is super filling & they provides quite bit of energy. I usually eat these after work and before I go to the gym. My favorite drinks are Kevita Probiotics, these are so yummy and also clean out toxinsx, about 1.99 to 2.50 . I like to have these usually after recovering from a “cheat weekend”. And who doesn’t love green goddess juice, every green fruit and vegi in one yummy juice yum! Also cost no more than 2.50. And my lastly my favorite snacks ever are Annie Chun’s seaweed snacks (I’m obsessed with the brown sugar & sea salt flavor), which are only .99 per package!


I am a pasta lover, so when I found this gluten free pasta at my grocery store for $2 I was so excited. Most gluten free pasta’s are about $5-7 per package. However corn past is the least expensive and most delicious gluten free pasta I have ever had.


Don’t forget to get your essentials, the foods you always need in your kitchen. For me that’s waffles, snacks, ramen, & granola bars. Vans gluten free waffles are so light and filling and so easy to and fast to make for breakfast, retails from about $3.20 for 6, what a bargain. Snap pea crisp are $1.50 at Walmart and $3.50 at whole foods, so know where to find the best deals don’t be afraid to look. Regular ramen is full of sodium and usually $1 for 4 which is a good deal, but I rather pay $1 each for Koyo organic Ramen which is way better for you.