Progress is progress.



I’ve never been super fit or super toned, and now I’m at the healthiest point of my life and I’m still not a super healthy person, but I try and I stay consistent with my efforts. Not to be a Debbie down but don’t set your fitness goals extremely high, you just mentally and physically preparing yourself is already and amazing start. Just doing it and making progress slowly but surely is enough. This time last year I did indeed gain the freshman 15 (maybe 17), and my goal was to loose that weight as quickly as i
possibly could. When I didn’t I just quit because I figured my body just wasn’t going to cooperate. Discouraged and cranky from extreme dieting I ended up gaining more weight. Then I realized I needed to set myself realistic goals within a realistic time frame. It takes time for the you to see your body change but changes are happening weather you see it or not. Either way any progress is great progress. The pictures above are me from October , December, and February and the other one is from September to now. My body was changing and I didn’t even realize it until I took pictures ha. So even when you think your hard work isnt paying off, trust me it is.